Monday, July 26, 2010

It's your Uncle Bingo.

Over the weekend I stopped by the local FYE and found a few surprises. Lately there has been a whole lot of interesting things out there. But the bargain and used bins contained a few choice picks.

Featuring Sandra Bullock? Sure. Why not. Anyway it sounds fairly cheesy (fun), plus it's only 2.99 so I'll bite.

It's been ages since I sat down and watched this 1989 phenomena. When I got the VHS way back when I think I watched this sucker nearly everyday for a month.

Oh, this is gonna hurt.

And winging it's way to me from Amazon is this '80's cornball slasher film.


J. Astro said...

Not trying to, like, tout my own page on your blog or anything, but if you'd like some encouraging words about BLOOD CREEK, there's a review of it over @ my place, there. It's actually not a bad film, honestly. I actually kinda dig it. :) I'll be interested to hear what you thought of it, man.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

Oh, man. Batman hasn't aged well at all.

Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

I strongly recommend you put "Hangmen" and "Unhinged at the bottom of your viewing pile. And leave them there.

And there's nothing wrong with "Batman" that ditching those awful Prince songs wouldn't fix. :)

Dan said...

Remember, I warned you about Blood (fart) Creek...lousy CG, ham-fisted garbage (that was abandoned by the studio, and barfed out on DVD with little to no fanfare). In short, enjoy the nap you'll take while watching it.

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