Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday (Monday) Smackdown

This one's a day late because I wanted Dan's cool interview to sit up top there for a couple of days. So, anyway on to this week's battle.

Both of our fighters this week were portrayed by Prowrestlers on the big screen.

In one corner we have Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs aka Kane). A dangerous psychopathic killer with a religious fixation due to his crazy ass mother. He has a thing for taking the eyes of his victims, plus he's handy with an ax.

Facing him is Michael Myers (Tyler Mane). After slaughtering his white trash family and spending years at Smith's Grove - Warren County Sanitarium, he escapes and goes on a bloody rampage trying to find his younger sister. Michael is handy with all sorts of knives especially big kitchen ones.

Without further ado and whatnot let the battle commence.


Last week's winner, well after a colossal battle it all ended in a draw! Five votes to five, with one undecided.  I was really surprised by the split on this one. I expected it to be more one sided.   

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