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Femme Fatale Friday: Joanna Angel

Something different this week. Here's old pal Indrid13 with a review of Evil Head and some pictures of one of it's stars. Joanna Angel. Enjoy!

By Indrid13

When I first heard that there was going to be a porn version of Evil Dead entitled Evil Head, I was intrigued. How would Evil Dead, one of my favorite films as well as one of the least sexy films ever made, make the transition to the world of adult films? My curiosity would have to wait to be satiated however, for after seeing a promotional still a few years back, news about the project fell silent.

 Years past until finally, a month or so ago, I began to read information that the film was completed, and ready to be released. So after all this time, was the finished film worth the wait? In my opinion, yes!

 First of all, credit must be given to director Doug Sakmann, who is obviously a huge fan of the Evil Dead series, right down to its idiosyncratic minutiae. While any porn parody can ape the general storyline of whatever media it is based upon, how many would go so far as to include camera set ups and shots that mimic the original source material? Raimi’s bizarre insert shots and close-ups, not to mention the fan favorite elements of the Evil Dead films such as the insane continuity errors (in this film represented by wardrobe changes highly reminiscent of elements in the original films such as the “Fake Shemps” (actors playing Deadites that bore no resemblance to the actor’s playing the pre-possessed victims )in Raimi’s first film, as well as the ever changing level of grime that coats Bruce Campbell’s Ash in Evil Dead II, are well represented here.

The actors are vastly entertaining as well. Tommy Pistol’s Ash is a wonder to behold, with all of the goofball charm, hammy over the top line delivery, and amazing physicality that made Bruce Campbell’s Ash a horror icon. Joanna Angel (whose Burning Angel Entertainment released the film) seems to be having the time of her life as Linda, especially after she undergoes her Deadite transformation, as does Kleio as Shelly. The main cast is rounded out by Danny Wylde as Scotty, who manages to be less of an annoying ass than the original Scotty while at the same time mimicking his mannerisms. Additionally Veruca James and Dana Dearmond show up as Ash’s undead ex-girlfriends and in a great bit of horror film fan service, the one and only Lloyd Kaufman provides the voice of Professor Knowby on the tape recordings that start the whole demonic mess (and mentioning Kaufman, how has someone never made a Toxic Avenger porn? Troma alum Sakmann, would be perfect for the job!).

But faithfulness to the source material is only one half of why you would watch a film like Evil Head. On the sex side we have a myriad of familiar situations, a threesome involving Ash, Scotty and Linda (which features some genuinely hilarious dialog that I assume was ad-libbed), a scene between Deadite Shelly and Scotty, a girl on girl scene between Deadite Linda and Shelly, a scene involving Deadite Linda and Ash, and a foursome involving Ash, Deadite Linda, and two Deadite ex-girlfriends.

Burning Angel prides itself on featuring gorgeous tattooed women in their films, and this is no exception, even when the ladies are buried under tons of demonic make-up and gore.  And while we are on the subject of the more unconventional aspects of this film, I can state that yes, Shelly does indeed have sex with the possessed trees of the forest! Also, in a nod to Evil Dead II, Ash loses his hand to a self-inflicted chainsaw wound, and proceeds to utilize the stump in every scene that follows to great comedic effect!

An aspect of this film that I feel should be mentioned is the Mickey Rooney style “Hey gang, let’s make a movie!”  vibe that is pervasive throughout the production. The cast seem like they are great friends, getting together to pay tribute to Raimi’s masterpiece, while having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. In an essence this ties the film even closer to its source material, as Evil Dead was created in much the same manner.

While this type of film will not appeal to everyone, adult fans of Evil Dead should definitely consider adding this film to their collection. It’s filled with all the gore and laughs fans of the series would expect, while adding heaps of sex! Now, here’s hoping Sakmann and crew make Evil Head II as well as a version of Army of Darkness (Medevil Head)!

(Screener provided for this review)

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Kev D. said...

Crazy how it still looks like a more competently put together movie than some non porn.

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