Saturday, October 3, 2015

There's some kinda love And there is some kinda hate

And now a very special review by a  fiend of the blog  Daniel XIII!

RELEASE DATE: Available September 18th on VOD, iTunes, and in Theaters
WRITTEN BY: Brian DeLeeuw, Adam Egypt Mortimer
DIRECTED BY: Adam Egypt Mortimer
STARRING:  Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Lexi Atkins, Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra McCormick
 All right! Someone made a film based on that kick-ass Misfits tune…I mean I don’t know how they did it, that song is about 2 minutes long, and the movie runs over 80; but hey, it’s not like Hollywood is afraid to stretch a wafer thin premise to obscene runtimes, but this may be a bit much. Oh well, I’m sure it’s slavish to the source and a real treat for ‘Fits fiends.
 SOME KIND OF HATE has nothing to do with that Misfits song. Nothing at all. Hell, they even spell the title wrong, and there isn’t even a single “Whoa-oh” in the whole damn thing. What it does have is a sad sack ultra-bullied dude named Lincoln (Rubinstein) who sticks a fork in a major douche (not to see if he’s done, mostly just to F up his day) and promptly gets his ass sent to a hippie-dippy reformatory commune where he is then bullied by e’en more douches. Before you can say Moaning Myrtle, ol’ Lincoln is getting’ a lil’ MY BODYGUARD action from the compounds very own sprit of vengeance; a revengeful ghost by the handle o’ Moira (McCormick). 
  SOME KIND OF HATE is a nice lil’ supernatural time waster; slick as snot, drippin’ with a fair amount of the red sauce, and featurin’ a ghostly girlie with a penchant for self-mutilation; it’s a fast movin’ flick that ne’er overstays its welcome. It’s a tad lightweight (e’en with the uber-topical bully plot), but I think most of you horror-hounds will enjoy it for what it is. Oh and for what it’s worth, I could go for another few go-arounds for ol’ Mutilatin’ Moira…hell I e’en came up with some titles and concepts; Moira returns, and is joined by 137 other vengeful spirits in WE ARE 138 and of course; Moira returns one final time to bring justice to two doomed lovers in LAST CARESS! 

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