Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is It Sexy?

Another review from our good fiend Daniel XIII!

RELEASE DATE: Available April 26th on Blu-ray
WRITTEN BY: Frank Henenlotter
DIRECTED BY: Frank Henenlotter
STARRING: Albert Cadabra, Gal Friday, David F. Friedman

Holy cats do freaks today ever get a walk down easy street. To what am I referring I hear you query? Why the ease in which one can obtain ye olde wankin’ material; a.k.a. the porn. Ya see, in the far gone days of my misspent youth, we took our titillation where we could get it I tells ya. A discarded Playboy found along the side of road here, a scrambled adult channel there; hell e’en the ladies nightgown section of the Sears Wishbook was fair game. And now? Well one button click brings up more sexy time than you could enjoy in a lifetime (though you’ll be damned if you won’t try and squeeze it all in I’m sure).

 Anyway, our parents and grandparents fought the same noble fight we did in regards to getting’ our rocks off; a point vividly illustrated in the flick we are checkin’ out today; Frank Henenlotter’s ode to T and A of years gone by THAT’S SEXPLOITATION!

 Introduced by good ol’ F.H. himself (a genial guide to be sure); THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! soon turns the focus upon David F. Friedman (a producer responsible for an absolute butt load of vintage smut). While seemingly frail, Friedman never the less takes great delight in guiding us from the days of the roaring 20’s pre-Hays code frolic all the way up to the 1960’s anything goes boobs and drug fueled (although plenty of chemical reasons are given for the libidinous behavior in the flicks featured from other decades as well) freak-outs. Along the way we are treated to nudist colonies, educational films (oh 1950’s you even managed to suck the fun out of skin flicks with your pole up ass ways), a horny ape or two, some pigeons (???), an invisible man, a Frankenstein monster cutting a rug (damn those pigeons seem totally logical now), plastic cowboys and Indians tangled in a voluminous bush, a Batman parody (Batpussy ‘natch), and oh so, so, so, much more.

 Why did I use so many “so”s above? Well, clocking in at a wafer thin 2 hours and 16 minutes, THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! is absolutely packed to the randy rafters with a non-stop flesh parade (and to be fair a rather thorough examination of the genre as a whole). Now, for some folks that run-time is going to be a bit of a hurdle; but honestly if you pick up a title like this chances are you wanted to see roughly 4,568 titties anyway, so wish granted and all that.

 If you still aren’t satisfied after the main feature, why not try your hand (hahaha…yeah baby!) at lasting through 3 and a half hours of vintage blue movies that are included in this release as well (remember how in every review of a Severin release I talk about how much they love their target audience? Well, this proves my point once again!)? Also included is a lively commentary by Henenlotter and Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci on the feature.

So there ya have it; if you love vintage smut this is a must have; it’s most likely the most complete documentary that will ever be produced on the subject; plus with that bevy of bonus boobs ya just can’t go wrong (blind maybe, but never wrong)!

-Daniel XIII

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