Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween Leftovers 2: A Marathon

October has come and gone again. Last November 1st I looked at the pile of leftover movies I had and came up with an idea. A marathon of Halloween leftovers. Films I wanted to watch in October but wasn't able to get to. To make it easier on myself when it came to picking the films I came up with some guidelines. The films would be ones I'd never seen and had to be from within the last five to six years. Like last year I had a couple days off during the week. This is a record of that marathon. Transcribed from my rambling notes. Detailing a descent into madness.

The Final Girls (2015)

A fun and surprisingly heartfelt homage to '80's slasher films. I liked how they used the idea of being trapped in a film to almost Groundhog Day effect. There were a couple very emotional scenes that really surprised me. This one had a fantastic cast. The final battle was really well done. A good start to the marathon.

WolfCop (2014)

WolfCop was a howler. Yeah I said it. A fun, gory little film that would make a really cool TV show. Loved the dude that played WolfCop. He was a cross of Wolverine and Uncle Red from Silver Bullet.

 Willow Creek (2013)

Boring. It's Blair Witch with just the talk and no chills. This found footage film should have stayed lost.

Mischief Night (2014)

Entertaining little slasher film. Imagine if Laurie Strode was a little off in the head. And then have her fall in love with Micheal Myers. That's basically the plot. Malcolm McDowell absolutely steals the film in his two scenes.

Honeyspider (2014)

This was a cool little slasher. It felt like a cross between The House of The Devil and a Rob Zombie film. This not a bad thing. Great Halloween atmosphere in this one.

See No Evil 2 (2014)

Solid slasher from the Soska sisters. Kane makes for a good movie maniac. The dude is huge. Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle in a movie together. Why has this not happened before now?

The Demolisher (2015) 

Cool mix of art house film and old school vigilante flicks. There's been a trend lately of having retro synth scores in horror films. The score here follows in that trend. It's particularly good. Reminding me of an early '80's John Carpenter score.  

Bunni (2013)

Very low budget slasher. The acting is pretty cheesy, but the killer has a cool, unique look.

The Moth Diaries (2011) 

From the director of American Psycho Mary Harron. Like that film this one plays with viewer perceptions. We're never quite sure if there's something supernatural or if it's just in the main character's mind. I've always had a thing for films set at all girls schools. It's an interesting setting. Plus I'm a pervert. Model Lily Cole was great as the strange new girl at school.

From the Dark (2014)

Interesting little Irish vampire film. A young couple trapped at night in a farmhouse with a newly awakened vampire on the prowl. Has a few nice creepy moments.

The Neon Dead (2015)

This was a cool, very colorful, very low budget horror film. The story is fun. The three leads are clearly having a good time. The whole thing is very imaginative. And the monster designs are really sweet. Highly recommended.

This was a fun marathon. This year's selection had less stinkers then last year's movies. Hopefully next year I can do a third one.

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