Friday, December 1, 2017

Full Moon Friday Night # 5

Hey! It’s back again! What was I saying about doing these regularly? This week we’re back to the series that not only started Full Moon, but started an insane crush.

Puppet Master II (1990)

Director: David Allen
Writers: Charles Band (story), David Pabian (screenplay)
Stars: Elizabeth Maclellan, Collin Bernsen, Steve Welles, Charlie Spradling, Nita Talbot

In a cemetery behind the Bodega Bay Inn, the puppets from the first film dig up the corpse of André Toulon. They then use a potion on their master, bringing him back to moldy life. Months later, a team of parapsychologists are sent to the hotel to investigate the bizarre murder of Megan Gallagher from the first film. Alex Whitaker, also from the original is suspected of killing her and has been locked up in an asylum. Raving on about the strange antics going on at the Bodega Bay Inn. Soon members of the team start seeing weird shit. The new owner of the inn shows up, looking like an Invisible Man cospayer. Or perhaps it’s Benjamin Knight from Mandroid! Before long the puppets start picking off the team one by one. Who will survive and who’ll get naked?

Puppet Master II is my favorite of the franchise. Granted I haven’t seen all of them, but of the ones I have, PM II is the best in my humble opinion. You have David Allen doing a solid job directing. A better main villain then the first feature film. It’s a shame he never got to do more. Allen passed away in 1999. The PM films started to have a Universal feel to them starting here. And with Toulon looking like the Invisible Man only adds to that feeling. We also get a brand new puppet this go around, Torch. One of the most bad ass members of the puppet crew. He even gets to play human torch with a bratty little kid!

PM II was the film where I first laid eyes on the amazing Charlie Spradling. I was hooked instantly. It was love at first sight. And I tracked down other films with the lovely Charlie. Which in the pre-internet era was a lot of fucking hard work and dumb luck. Kids with their IMDB these days. Anyway, I was the only one who became infatuated with Charlie Spradling. She quickly became a fan favorite at Full Moon. Becoming a fixture of Full Moon’s Video Zone.

If you want some classic Full Moon puppet action, with ample nudity and gore, Puppet Master II has you covered. Check it out! 

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