Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A butcher's work is never done.

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn (1972)

Director: Bud Townsend

Writer: Allen Actor

Starring: Linda Gillen, John Neilson, Arthur Space, Mary Jackson, Janet Wood, Margaret Avery,



Once again I delve into the decade they call the 70's for another nights viewing of the groovy and the strange...

Party like it's 1999

In her Beatles poster decorated dorm room, cute as a button Regina (Gillen) opens a sweepstakes invitation. It's an invitation to a free vacation. Happily she calls the number and make arrangements to go. When she arrives at Red Wolf Inn, a beach side resort. It's run by Evelyn and her husband Henry. Also staying there is Baby John, the old couple's strange grandson and Pamela and Edwina, two other guests. Evelyn likes to cook and hubby Henry loves plants. Baby John just likes to act like a man-boy. There's big feast to celebrate Pamela's leaving the next day. The next day she's gone without saying a word to the other two girls. Then the same happens with Edwina. Soon Regina is getting suspicious of her hosts and their mysterious freezer. And Baby John is making puppy dog eyes at Regina and professing his love for her after bashing a shark to death. But Evelyn and Henry have other plans for her.

Two heads. No duffel bag. 

Soft focus dinner

Though there's somewhat of a languid pace to the proceedings, the strangeness of the whole thing was enough to keep me interested. You'll know the secret of the inn long before poor Regina, but it's not really an issue. I dug the menu style credits, though the final shot was a bit too much with the goofiness. Regina is such a likable protagonist that I was actually rooting for her throughout. Not as gritty looking as many it's 70's exploitation brethren it still delivers enough thrills and weirdness to be worth a viewing for those interested in 70's low budget horror. Dinner is served.

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Bill said...

I've got this in a couple of those Mill Creek 50 movie packs, and it was somewhere on the "To View" list at some point...maybe...if I got around to it. I'm kind of intrigued now.

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