Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They Can Never Die: An Interview with Vains of Jenna

By indrid13

When we last spoke to Vains of Jenna, they were getting set to release their second CD, The Art of Telling Lies. Since that time, much has changed with the band. Jacki Stone, Vains of Jenna’s dynamic drummer fills us in…

Since we last spoke a lot has happened with Vains of Jenna. Can you bring us up to speed?

JACKI: Wow, yeah a lot of things have happened. As you all may know, we have a new singer. His name is Jesse Forte and replaced our former singer/ rhythm guitarist Lizzy DeVine.

Everything happened very fast and all of a sudden we were in Europe touring with the new line up. This includes another member too, Anton Sevholt. He’s official now in VAINS as the new rhythm guitarist.

We toured all over Europe between April and July this year, recorded the new song “We Can Never Die” and shot a music video for “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead 2010 mix”.

Now we are heading back to the states and are ready to hit the road, record again etc. etc.

How was Jesse selected to join the band, were there open auditions, or was he someone you had jammed with previously?

JACKI: He was the first one on our minds when we started looking for a new singer. Over a few days we got MANY emails with guys who wanted to join the band but Jesse was the only one we jammed with and it felt great from the beginning.
We had never played together before but we played at the same club once in L.A when he was in his old band.

How have the fans reacted to Jesse?

JACKI: They have been great! In Europe they welcomed him and Anton with open arms wherever we went. The five of us has yet to play together in the states so we will see how that goes now… I’m very excited.

Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind your new music video, "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead"?

JACKI: You know… I can’t really explain… it’s a video were you gotta think and form your own opinion of what is going on. But it has something to do with death, hehe.

Where can fans go to get your new EP release?

JACKI: You can get it from iTunes ( and order it online from us at our website ( , myspace ( and facebook (

You are on tour right now, where will you be heading?

JACKI: First we played at the Starline in Fresno on Oct. 1st and the day after we played at The Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood.
After that we will be playing around in California and going up and down the westcoast… Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Texas etc.
In late October we’re gonna fly to Argentina and Brazil and play our first ever shows over there…

That will be very cool.
As always we will do everything to tour as much as we can!

Can you give us any info on your upcoming covers album, and your new album of original material?

JACKI: The cover album will be recorded pretty soon. Maybe even in October. Songs from Elton John, Pink Floyd etc. will be on there. Stuff that we grew up with, you know?
Then we will record a NEW original album sometime next year. I can’t wait to have more of the new VAINS OF JENNA material recorded and out there!!!

Any parting words for our readers?

JACKI: See you all on the road soon!!!

All photos by JP White

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