Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week's haul

Most everything I got was from online sellers because frankly the local Wal-Mart never has anything very interesting. The FYE though can usually be counted on for a few finds.

Dead and Buried is one of those films I remember seeing on HBO back in the '80's. The attack scenes, the needle in the eye one especially are quite viscous. Lord only knows how I got away with watching this one.

I've really been on a Hammer Films kick as of late. The Hammer Icons series have been spectacular so far. Cash on Demand and These are The Dammed are the two in this set I really want to see badly.

I've finally gotten to drastically updating my old taped off PBS Dr. Who VHS tapes to the wonderful DVDS put out by the BBC. Between that and watching the new season on BBC America you might say I've become addicted. On a side note...holy crap are those VHS tapes I have old. Laser tapes anyone?

I already own the other release of Thriller: A Cruel Picture on DVD. But besides just being a total collecting nerd, I just wanted to be able to watch it without all those porn inserts.

I can't believe I didn't already own The Dead Next Door and Return of the Living Dead part II. Well I've corrected that. Thank you FYE.

Satan's Little Helper has gotten some decent reviews online and it was cheap (4.99) so giddy up!

Speaking of reviews. This great review at Beardy Freak has had me trying to track down a copy of Killer's Moon for a few years. Finally I found a copy and one that wasn't way overpriced. Crazy Clockwork Orange style killers vs. a bus full of school girls...what's not to love about that?

Dark Horse's first volume of Marvel's Star Wars comics was fantastic. Flipping through the 2nd volume it appears to be just as great. The interior artwork by Carmine Infantino is wonderful beyond words. Pure groovy space opera fun.

Marvel's Essentials series are done on the cheap in Black and White. I for one love the lack of color. It's great seeing the line work by the artists in all it's glory. The first half of the stories in this volume are by Marie Severin and the second half is by Herb Trimpe. There's some great match ups with the Silver Surfer, the Rhino, Sub-Mariner, the Mandarin, Ka-Zar, the Sand-Man, and the return of the Leader.


J. Astro said...

Wait - you wanted to watch "THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE" -without- the porn inserts?! Man, suddenly I feel a whole lot less classy by comparison. ;)

"SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER" has a number of drawbacks, but there's just enough cleverness and cool, fun shit to make it a surprising winner anyway. I just discovered this one last Halloween myself, after hearing about it for a year or two from others. And it's definitely in my holiday rotation now.

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Watched SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER last night. Your right, a lot of fun. The ending felt a little weak. And some of the acting left something to be desired. But overall I liked it and will more then likely watch it again come October 31st.

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