Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Smackdown

Frank Zito was tormented by his mother when he was a child. As a result of this, he grew up to be a serial killer who murders woman, scalps them, and uses their hair to nail on to a collection of mannequins in his apartment. He's also tormented by the death of his abusive mother in a car accident. Though that doesn't stop him from "talking" to her all the time.

Norman Bates loves his mother. Perhaps a little too much. Bates suffers severe emotional abuse as a child at the hands of his mother, who preaches to him that sex is sinful and that all women (except herself) are whores. He then develops dissociative identity disorder, assuming his mother's personality and repressing that she died as a way to escape the guilt of having murdering her.


Thus let us commence with battle of the Mamma's boys serial killers!

Last week's winner.

After a fairly sizable early lead Harvey lost the big flip off, falling behind by a few vote. Thus ensuring Mr. Chigurh came out on top in the end friendo.

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