Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missing in action on DVD: Curtains (1982)

There's a film I'd love to see on DVD in the U.S.

Curtains (1982)

From Wikipedia
"Six actresses go off to the snow-bound mansion of a serious director to audition for a potentially important role in an upcoming film. However it becomes apparent that someone is willing to kill for the part when someone wearing a 'hag mask' begins offing the actresses. Who is the mysterious killer and who will be left standing when the final curtain falls?"

A little slasher gem that when I saw the trailer for it on tv as a kid scared the crap out of me. Years later thanks to VHS I was able to see it. A cool little slasher film. The killer's creepy wearing a old hag mask. Nice kill scenes, one that's very effective involving a frozen lake and ice skating. There's a interesting setting...a snow bound mansion. Plus there's the always reliable John Vernon as the director.

So Blue Underground,Code Red,Synapse,Anchor Bay or Shriek Show. where's a special edition DVD? I'd be there with money in hand the day it came out. Hell doesn't even have to be a special edition just the film and it's trailer and I'd be there. So I'm asking nice. Please. Pretty Please.

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Jeremy Richey said...

I would love to see this on DVD as well. I have just added this link at Moon in the Gutter. Thanks.

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