Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review:Hell of the Living Dead (1980)

Hell of the Living Dead (1980)

Vincent: Patience is the chief virtue for those who have faith. Mahatma Gandhi, New Delhi, 1946.
Lt. Mike London: Up your ass. Lieutenant Mike London, Shit Creek, the year is now.

Hell of the Living Dead- First a little history. I had this video game magazine years ago were the creator of the Resident Evil games said one of his big influences in making the first game was a film called Dome of the dead. Since I’ve never heard of such a film…I’m guess this was a mistake and they meant Dawn of the dead. But man one could only guess what dome would be if it were a real film? Bio dome meets Day of the dead…undead Pauly Shore?

Anyway that brings us to this film Hell of the Living Dead, or as me and my friend call it- you guessed it- Dome of the dead. There’s no real dome but there’s plenty of stock footage of wonderful nature stuff. See a spider monkey swing from tree to tree. See elephants do stuff. But in between the nature footage is a story about a something called "Operation Sweet Death." That goes horribly wrong. A Team of soldiers is sent to investigate. What they find besides all the animals running about are gut munching zombies, cross dressing soldiers and cats bursting out of an old women’s stomach. Directed by the great late Bruno Mattei.

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