Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review:Blood Mania (1970)

Tis more like Boob Mania. To be fair there's some blood at the end, But boobs are what dominate this film. Lots of boobs.

The films starts with animated skeleton hands making the title and then a trippy opening nightmare. After that we meet Victoria and her rich invalid father Ridgeley Waterman. Victoria's favorite pastime is to wander around topless and seduce the pool boy or her father's doctor. The doctor is Craig Cooper who has a wee bit of trouble being blackmailed by a shady character who just kind of shows up at the worst times. Cooper has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is just there for Cooper to fool around with and for blackmail guy to sleep with as a down payment. So Dr.Cooper despite having a girlfriend sleeps with Victoria so he can get the money he needs. It seems she's got a large inheritance coming her way.

Well Dad ends up dead. And at the will reading Victoria finds out that her sister who hasn't been around is getting all the money. Dr. Cooper starts hitting on the other now rich sister and Victoria starts loosing it.

The blood doesn't flow until the end and really more of a trickle at that. Not much happens and there really isn't a character you give a damn about. Nicely filmed and with a few colorful scenes. But there's lots of female nudity and the film is just cheesy enough to make it worth one viewing.

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