Friday, April 17, 2009

Some old friends and some new friends

So on a few blogs there's a Favorite Film Characters meme. Over at Arbogast on Film and FilmSquish. They have some really good picks that got me thinking about who my favorites were. So here goes. Hope you enjoy it.

10.)Dr. Logan,Day of the Dead (1985). Here's a man that loves his job. That job happens to be that of a mad doctor. In a military base full of people descending into madness he may well be the maddest of the lot. But I think deep down he loves his Zombie test subject "Bub" like a son.

9.)Swan,Phantom of the Paradise (1974), It's Paul Williams, what more needs be said.

8.)Nami Matsushima, AKA "Matsu the Scorpion",Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion (1972). The relentless vengeance seeking title prisoner of the film and it's three sequels, got her vengeance and escaped prison but always finds ways to end up in shitloads of trouble and a ticket back to prison. Of course that's not enough to stop her. In her black hat and trenchcoat she's more phantom then woman.

7.)Ben,Blue Velvet (1986). Damn he's suave. Frank Booth's Roy Orbison singing partner in crime. Has perhaps the best scene in the movie as he lip-syncs a performance of "In Dreams" There's a sadness to this scene both in him and Frank. One wonders what bond these two unlikely partners share.

6.)Jack Carter,Get Carter (1971). His cold single minded mission of vengeance for his dead brother is perhaps one of chilling looks at a sociopath. Jack has little regard for anyone save for his family. He shows little concern for the violence wrought on his victims or innocent bystanders alike.

5.)Tuco,The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966). A fast talking little troll of a bandit. He's also perhaps the most well rounded of the three title characters. At times scheming,greedy,child like and sympathetic.

4.)Roy Batty,Blade Runner (1982)."More human than human." A super human genius with military skills still dealing with how to handle his emotions and his limited life span. There's no trouble there,right?

3.)Eli,Let the Right One In(2008), A pale, androgynous, 200 year old vampire in the body of a twelve year old.

2.)Martin Mathias,Martin (1977),Though young and innocent looking he carries the weight of life times on his face. Is he in fact a vampire as he and his uncle believe. Or has his family's madness gripped his mind as well?

1.)Brigitte Fitzgerald,Ginger Snaps (2000),And it's two sequels. Probably the person most like me on this list, without the whole werewolf thing. And the one film character I'd love to date.

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