Sunday, May 24, 2009

My heart, my heart, kickstart my heart

Heart Stopper
Starring Meredith Henderson, Nathan Stephenson, James Binkley, Michael Cram, Robert Englund

Directed by Bob Keen

"You have the right to shut the fuck up!"

Did I miss something? It's not 1989 still right? Because after watching Heart Stopper it sure seems like it. Let's see we have a serial killer executed in a electric chair who comes back due to his satanic powers. Like Shocker or The Horror Show, both made in 89. Throw in the film The First Power (1990),the hospital setting of Halloween II and the attire of Dr. Giggles. Mix it all together and you have Heart Stopper.

Serial killer Chambers(Binkley)gets caught and set to the chair by a local sheriff (Englund). But Chambers is too evil to die that easy. As the police convoy transports his "dead" body to the hospital they nearly run down suicidal hottie Sara (Henderson). Seems Sara's school life has gone to hell and she decides to end it all by stepping out into traffic. So after nearly making her road kill the sheriff put the dazed Sara in the same ambulance transporting Chambers. Her hand brushes his and bam! They share some sort evil bond now. Well once Chambers,Sara and the sheriff reach the hospital a storm rages and severely understaffed hospital's power goes out. I hate when that happens. Well before you know it Chambers is up and killing. Ripping out hearts and spouting more psychobabble then Freddy Kruger and Pinhead combined.

Not a terrible film. The effects and direction are fine. Bob Keen has been doing effects for sometime and he's a decent enough director. That's not the problem. Nor is the acting which is fine. Except for Englund, always reliable to turn in a good performance. Here he seems like he'd rather be somewere else. It's the script that's the big problem. Between the been there,done that story and constant diarrhea of the mouth that the killer has, you'll feel like you were watching something from the late 80's, early 90's. When horror had taken a turn for the worse. There's a reason they don't make'em like that anymore, nor should they again.

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