Thursday, May 14, 2009

The night They came home

Perkins' 14 (2009)

Starring Patrick O'Kane, Richard Brake, Shayla Beesley, Mihaela Mihut, Michale Graves

Directed by Craig Singer

Perkins' 14 was an experiment by Were writers could submit story ideas and actors could send audition tapes and artists different poster ideas. After watching the finished film I'd say for the most part they were very successful.

The storyline of Perkins' 14 concerns the disappearance of fourteen children ten years ago. The last of which was the son of Stone Cove police officer Dwayne Hopper (O'Kane). When Dwayne reports to work on the anniversary of the abduction he finds a strange man in one of the cells. Ronald Perkins (Brake) who Hopper comes to suspect is responsible for the abductions ten years ago. As this plays out the films cuts to Hopper's teenage daughter, Daisy (Beesley), who is hanging out with her musician boyfriend Eric, played by Michale Graves of Misfits fame. Who handles himself pretty adeptly. Along with them are a few of their friends who are hanging out in an abandoned amusement park. The film cuts back and for between the kids and Hopper until another officer sent by Hopper to search Perkins' house were in the basement he runs into something or somethings that are very pissed off and eager to leave.

                                       AAAHHHHHHHHHH MY HAND!!!!!

From there the film hits it's stride as a wave of murder sweeps thru Stone Cove. The murders are those missing children. Kept in cages in Perkins' basement and pumped full of PCP and all kinds of other shit. Hopper realizes that one of these murder crazy fiends is his long lost son. Now he must choose to save his son or kill him.

The 14 are somewhat like the infected of 28 weeks later. Fast,psychotic, and single minded in their pursuit of murder. We don't get to see a lot of the 14 except for a few at a time. And mostly in quick cuts. This was probably do to budget constraints. But their filmed in such a way that we get more of "feel" for their effect. In other words gore and blood. Lots and lots of the red stuff spraying everywhere.

Though a little uneven at times. When Hopper or the 14 aren't on screen the film slows a little. And Hopper's daughter doesn't get to do much other then scream or cry. The film is still a fun little horror treat with a interesting story and plenty of gory kills.

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