Monday, May 4, 2009

Top Ten reasons why 76 King Kong is better then 05 King Kong

Now there's no denying that the 1933 King Kong is a classic but I have to say as far as the two remakes go I way prefer the 1976 King Kong over Peter Jackson's 2005 version. While it was a fine film and a project close to his heart there's some flaws that hurt the film for me. The 70's Kong on the other hand holds a nostalgic place in my heart.

Here's my ten reason's why I prefer the 70's Kong to The 2005 one.

10-Charles Grodin is less annoying then Jack Black.

9-Both movies take forever, but seventies Kong is a little shorter.

8-Jessica Lange.

7-No weak looking CG scenes-like the dinosaur stampede or CG Kong ice skating.

6-Adrien Brody isn't in it.

5-Kong stomps the hell out of the paparazzi.

4-Kong's big Petrox crown.

3-Giant fake ass RoboKong.

2-Rick Baker as Kong.

1-It stars the Dude! And The Dude Abides


Samuel Wilson said...

11. No frickin' "beautiful" sign language by Kong in '76.

12. In '76 they made the explorer guy an asshole, but they didn't call him "Carl Denham."

13. Not only the crown but the giant Petrox gas tank. That's "beautiful."

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

I forgot about that "beautiful" sign language. Or maybe my mind blocked it out.

Jay Amabile said...

'70s Dino D. Kong is my FAV! I appreciate you giving it the props it deserves! Now if I only had that Mego King Kong plush toy I had when I was a

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