Friday, January 29, 2010

No Sex, a bunch of lies and videotape

Well, as per receiving a Kreativ Blogger award you have to list seven interesting things about yourself. So, I've had the old super computer in my evil lair running day and night trying to compute seven interesting things about me. After many a crash and reboot (Damn Windows!). I came up with seven somewhat (Not really) interesting factoids about me. So here they are...

7) Growing up there were three things I really wanted to be...An archaeologist like a certain Dr. Jones, a super villain like Dr. Doom or a ninja.

6) I love painting but don't find enough time to do it. Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso are favorites.

5) My ipod is a strange mix of music, everything from Johnny Cash to Goblin. The Clash and Ramones to Depeche Mode and Guns N' Roses.

4) I have collected way too many DVDs over the decade, something like 2000!

3) I've got a groovy autograph from the one and only Bruce Campbell adoring my wall.

2) I'm totally addicted to Italian crime films.

1) I have a total man crush on David Tennant (The best Dr. Who!)

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