Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Sunday Smackdown

It's time for a holiday themed rumble.

Christmas eve, 1971, Billy Chapman, a little boy, goes with his parents and younger brother Ricky to visit their grandfather for Christmas at a mental institution. Billy's grandfather is in a catatonic state, when Billy's parents go off with the doctor, leaving him alone with Billy. Grandpa starts talking to Billy, and tells him the "truth" about Santa Claus: Santa not only gives presents to good boys and girls, but punishes the naughty ones. As his parents return, Grandpa goes back into his catatonic state. On their way home they are waylaid by a robber dressed as Santa. Billy's parents are brutally murdered. Billy and his brother are sent to St. Mary's Orphanage. In 1984, Billy, who is now eighteen years old gets a job at a local toy store. When he's forced to wear a Santa and sees a female coworker raped he freaks out and goes on a killing spree.

The Santa slayer (Don't Open Till Christmas). He's a killer who likes to wear a plastic mask and kill anybody dressed as Santa. All of this is due to a traumatic incident involving someone wearing a Santa costume when he was growing up. You don't get naughtier then this dude.

The stockings are stuffed with body parts. The mistletoe is covered in blood and the only ones stirring are psychos. It's time for the killer Santa to face off against the Santa slayer.

Last week's winner

Cherry Darling beat the machine girl Ami in a fairly close battle.
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