Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Smackdown

The battle that never happened but should have.

Prince Mamuwalde, the ruler of an African nation, seeks help from Count Dracula in suppressing the slave trade. Dracula refuses to help and transforms Mamuwalde into a vampire and seals him in a coffin. Mamuwalde's wife, Luva, is imprisoned and dies in captivity. In 1972, the coffin is purchased as part of an estate by two interior decorators and shipped to Los Angeles. They open the coffin and become Prince Mamuwalde's first victims. Blacula has risen from his grave!

Eddie Turner steps on a land mine in Nam and loses both his arms and legs. His fiancee, Doctor Winifred Walker, asks her former teacher and colleague Doctor Stein, who has recently won a Nobel Peace Prize for "solving the DNA genetic code" for help. Doc Stein gives Eddie new replacement arms using his trademark DNA treatment, and Eddie seems to recover. Malcomb, Dr. Stein's assistant confesses to Doctor Walker that he loves her, but she intends to marry Eddie as soon as the surgeries are completed. So a jealous Malcomb sabotages the "DNA solution" used during Eddie's leg surgeries, thus transforming him into Blackenstein: The Black Frankenstein!


Blacula. Blackenstein. Both blaxploitation icons. Both bad ass mutha's, but only one of these bad brutha's can reign supreme!

Last week's winner

This time Freddy wins in a tight 3 to 2 victory. 

1 comment:

Kmork said...

Blacula all the way.

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