Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Smackdown

This week's battle is a holiday themed battle.


In 1960, in the mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a gas explosion at Hanniger Mine trapped five miners in a shaft when the foremen left early to attend the town's Valentine's Day dance. Six weeks later, the sole survivor of the accident, Harry Warden, was rescued; he survived by eating his dead coworkers and ultimately went mad. After a year in a mental institution, he escaped on Valentine's Day, killing and cutting out the heart of the guilty foremen, leaving a warning that the same would happen if the town ever again held a Valentine's Day celebration.

A junior high school dance in 1988, outcast student Jeremy Melton asks four popular girls to dance. Three girls reject him cruelly; while the fourth girl kindly turns down his offer that perhaps she would later. Their overweight friend accepts Jeremy's invitation and they secretly make out underneath the bleachers. When a group of bullies discover the pair, the girl claims that Jeremy sexually assaulted her, causing the boys to publicly strip and beat him, making his nose bleeds heavily. Jeremy gets sent to a reform school as punishment for his alleged "assault". Thirteen years later, the girls that rejected him are pursued by a killer wearing a Cupid's mask.

So, let the Valentine's Day massacre begin! 

Last week's winner

Jason sent Victor Crowley packing back to the swamp in a one sided battle.


Weird WWII said...

The Warder axes down! Nothin' like getting trapped underground then killing and then eating your pals stuck with ya then end it off with a small killing spree back home.

That's my kinda psycho!

Tom Badguy said...

Good stuff, I like it.

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!

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