Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Smackdown

This week it's a case of malpractice.

Dr. Benway (Robert Patrick) is just trying to cure his wife's fatal illness. If the cure happens to involve killing a bunch of people with hideous experimentation's, well that's no big deal. 

In the town of Moorehigh, the patients of Dr. Rendell kept disappearing. After some investigation, the citizens of Moorehigh found that the Doctor and his son, Evan, Jr. (nicknamed "Dr. Giggles" for his macabre laugh), were taking patients' hearts in an attempt to bring back the doctor's dead wife. The townspeople kill Dr. Rendell, but Evan, Jr. disappeared. Thirty-five years later, the now-adult Evan Jr. (Larry Drake) escapes from an insane asylum and heads back to Moorehigh for revenge.


The Doctors are in, let the bloodbath begin.

Last week's winner

In one really close battle, Dracula just edged out Blade to win.

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