Friday, March 9, 2012

Femme Fatale Friday: Ryan Keely

Here's a special Femme Fatale Friday brought to you by Daniel Th1rte3n and Ryan Keely.

Ryan Keely is many things; actress, writer, Penthouse Pet, but what may surprise you is she’s also a self-proclaimed nerd! Read on to discover Ryan’s genre passions! 

Being an icon within the adult world and in geek culture, how do you think the two interrelate, and why do you think nerdy girls are the hottest trend these days?

Ryan: Most geeks and nerds love pornography, I mean; the internet is basically created and shaped by pornography.  Nerdy girls are more relatable and therefor more popular. The nerd girl is the new girl next door.

We all know that a lot of guys dig porn, but what role do you think porn can play within a relationship?

Ryan: I think the couples porn market has pretty much disappeared. It used to be that companies like Wicked and Vivid made erotic movies designed for couples to watch together. Several years ago I worked as a sales clerk at the HUSTLER store. I got a lot of people coming into to pick out DVDs to watch with their partner. However things have changed in recent years. People have moved away from watching content on DVD, something that is easy to do with a partner, to watching in on their laptops, which is definitely a solo activity.

Moving on into the dark recesses of our shared nerdyness…its common knowledge that you really love comics. What was the book that started it all for you?

Ryan: The earliest stuff I read was Betty and Veronica, Tank Girl, Tintin and Perdita Durgango in my tween years. However I didn’t start collecting until I read Preacher several years later.

Do you have a “holy grail” (a piece of original comic art, or a rare issue) that you one day hope to obtain like most comic book enthusiasts?

Ryan: My copy of the extremely rare ‘Cock Bone’ by Josh Simmons has gone missing; I would love to have a replacement copy. I’d also like to have the entire Tintin collection, in the editions I grew up with. But more than I want either of those, I want an eleventh Dr. Who costume, fully bespoke, because bow ties are cool.

If you had the chance to portray any comic book character on screen, who would it be and why?

Ryan: Aeon Flux, because they fucked it up the first time. Technically anime, but still, they did it wrong.

What is the nerdiest item you own?

Ryan: My Mercedes Lackey books. Totally nerdy and not cool nerdy.

You’re set to appear in retro-styled slasher Girls Gone Dead. Are you a fan of the horror genre, and if so what are your favorite horror films?

Ryan: I'm such a big sissy that even just the trailer for a movie like Paranormal Activity will give me nightmares. It's pretty embarrassing. Even some of the new Dr. Who episodes are too scary for me, Blink in particular. If I’m going to watch a horror movie it's going to be a funny one like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland or Army of Darkness, even then I'm going to need some hand-holding and snuggles.

You do a lot of promotion for another of our favorite past times here at The Cathode Ray: video games! Are you a gamer, and if so what genres of games do you enjoy? What is your favorite game of all time?

Ryan: I don’t play a ton of games, but when I I do I like Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo, Fable 3 and Saints Row: the Third.

Comics, horror flicks and video games…what could be next, why anime of course! What are some of your favorite titles?

Ryan: I was into anime long before I was into comic books. Growing up I couldn’t afford comics, but I could always borrow anime VHS from my nerd friends. As a kid my favorites where Ninja Scroll, Ranma 1/2, Galaxy Express 999 and many more. I still love cartoons and these days I die for Cowboy BeBop, Metalocolypse, Archer and anything Miyazake.  

Any final message for our readers?

Ryan: Please pay for your porno! Piracy is killing my industry and I don’t want to get a real job. Spend all your money at and follow me for free at

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