Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beautiful Kate

I was asked to share this with you guys. Hope you enjoy it. I gave it a listen, really wonderful stuff.

Beautiful Kate theme

"Please find at the above link, 2 select tracks taken from the recently released Soundtrack to the film 'Beautiful Kate'. The music was scored for the film 'Beautiful Kate' which will be showing at the Toronto Film Festival next week, and is on national release now in Australia. This film was written and directed by Rachel Ward (from Thornbirds fame).

The chosen tracks include the Beautiful Kate theme and also a version of the song 'This Little Bird' originally written and recorded by US singer songwriter John Loudermilk back in 1973. This haunting and beautiful version is recorded by Iconic Australian singer Tex Perkins, and features backing vocals from young star Megan Washington.

We were the music supervisors on the film and have just released the Soundtrack."


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