Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Smackdown

This week's battle is between two Academy award winning actors, both playing wolfmen.


Will Randall is bit by a wolf while driving home in Vermont. Will starts to become more aggressive, taking on the characteristics of a wolf. One night he wakes up and hunts down a deer. The next morning Will finds himself on the bank of a stream, with blood all over his face and hands. Will inadvertently bites his rival Stewart, who then becomes a werewolf himself. Eventually the two battle it out in a one on one werewolf battle leaving only one of them alive.

Lawrence Talbot, world-renowned Shakespearean actor, returns home after his is killed by a beast on the moors. He visits a nearby gypsy, attempting to learn what killed his brother. The beast attacks the camp and Lawrence is bitten by it. He transforms into a Wolfman, stalking the woods and killing many locals before finding the beast that cursed him and peace.

The moon is full, time for a werewolf vs. werewolf battle to the death.

Last week's winner

Charlie Bronson dished out a beating to old Tyler Durden.

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