Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Smackdown

Let's meet this week's two contestants.


Jack Conrad, awaiting execution in a corrupt South American prison is bought by a wealthy television producer and transported to a deserted island in the South Pacific along with nine other condemned criminals similarly purchased from prisons around the world. They are offered an opportunity to avoid capital punishment and win back their freedom by fighting to the death in an illegal game to be filmed and broadcast live on the Internet. A bomb is placed on every contestant, each featuring a 30-hour countdown timer, and a ripcord that will detonate after a ten second delay. The winner has the bomb removed and is given their freedom as well as a pocket full of cash as the prize. Conrad is a former Delta Force operative who was captured on a Black ops mission in El Salvador where he ended up in prison. 

Ben Richards, a military pilot who was convicted of a massacre he actually refused to participate in. He escapes from a labor camp with other inmates, but is eventually captured and taken to the ICS studios. He's coerced to compete in The Running Man, in which convicted criminals fight for their lives. In the game zone he and his fellow escapees are hunted by The Stalkers as they attempt to make it to the end for a chance to be pardoned and set free.

Now that we've gotten to know our two contestants it's time for the game to begin. So, c'mon down!

Last week's winner

The Shape who got all stab happy on poor Ghostface.

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