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Review: Blood Of The Virgins

Blood Of The Virgins (1967)

Blood Of The Virgins mixes go go dancing swingers and Hammer style vampires in a hearty brew of strangeness.

Some swinging guys and their gals on a ski trip with guide (middle aged comic relief guy) who seems to film everything Zapruder style, run out of gas at a old abandoned lodge. The lodge is also the stomping grounds of a vampire and the bride he turned into a vampire on her wedding night. The Swingers decide to stay the night unaware of The vamps. They find a meal laid out for them and a creepy butler. They pig out not knowing the butler has drugged the food. The main guy Raul wonders off and finds the female vampire in one the bedrooms and they get it on. The others meanwhile settle in for the night and pass out from the drugs. The male vampire who looks like The Criminologist from The Rocky Horror Picture Show appears and fondles one of the sleeping girl's breasts. When Raul wakes in the morning the mystery women and the girls are gone. So He and middle aged comic relief guy and some other dude look for the girls. Not finding them they find gas and head to the nearest town.

I have mixed feeling about this one. It's goofy vampire fun with lots of skin and trippy imagery. The movie also benefits from having a cool animated title sequence. But there is a few things that really grate on me. Middle aged comic relief guy being chief among them and his supposed antics. Which always get the "You dumbass." look from the swingers. The other thing that plagued me during the film was the consent cutting to stock footage of seagulls tinted red. I suppose the director meant it to symbolize something.I think it symbolized me getting pissed off every time it appeared. Another thing that bugged me was only two of the girls are found. Its never reveled what happened to the others. One of my favorite scenes involved a guy trying to hang his shirt on a tree branch for like half a minute before he gives up and it fell to the ground. I could imagine the director telling him to forget about it and move on.

Mondo Macabro has done a good job of bringing this film to DVD. The film looks good and the extras on the disc are well worth viewing. Including twenty five minute documentary on Argentinian exploitation films. A trailer gallery and interview footage with Blood of the Virgins director Emilio Vieyra.

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Castro/Lalín/Erika said...

Great Film.

A Masterpiece.

Oh, those tits.

Nick Nolte

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