Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Smackdown

Leatherface and his family have been engaging in murder, grave robbing and cannibalism for god knows how long. They enjoy a rural life in Texas with Leatherface and his brother The Hitchhiker doing all the killing. Drayton "The Cook" Sawyer, is the brains of the family and the only thing that keeps Leatherface and his brother in line. Grandpa is perhaps the best slaughterhouse worker in all of Texas. His skills in killing and butchering cattle are said to be unmatched. Grandpa is a tad old and has to be wheeled around.

The Firefly family love murder and mayhem. Mother Firefly has a long criminal record, with several cases of prositution and theft. Grandpa Hugo has a penchant for crude, sexual humor, but he never is seen to engage in any of the killings. The only other female member outside of Mama Firefly is Baby. Maybe is more then a little  psychotic and prone to abrupt mood swings. Otis B. Driftwood is the most violent of the family. He sees himself as an artist, he has a thing for turning his victims into sideshow freaks. he also likes wearing his victim's skin. Finley there's RJ the burly tow-truck driver and Tiny, the badly burned giant. 


So this week it's a family feud. The Leatherface clan versus The Firefly family. Who will survive and what will be left of them?

Last week's winner.

3 to 1, Drac makes it a real fright night for Mr. Peter Vincent.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awards time

Recently, Son of Celluloid from the great blog of the same name bestowed upon me the “Liebster Award." Liebster translates to “dearest,” or “beloved." So, if that means The Cathode is beloved then thank you!

So without further ado here are five blogs you should go to and love right now. Right now!

Not Tonight Dalek-Perhaps the best source on the interwebs for great Dr. Who images. Updated daily with pics from new and old Who alike. Take it from me, The King of Dr. Who fans, this blog is a great storehouse of all things Dr. Who. I'm also King of The Wicker People, but that's a story for another day.

Cinema Somnambulist-Not only does Richard of Doomed Moviethon run a great web site but he also runs oen hell of great blog. Lately he's been submitting himself to Franco Friday's. Few have the will or the balls necessary to make a weekly sojourn to Jess Franco land. Somehow he does it and manages to stay sane.

Screen Grab! with J. Astro-There are many things I love about Screen Grab! J's willingness to tell it like it is.  His love of bizarre films and posts about snack foods. Cool features like the Guest Spot. And of course the Cage Match (I miss it) rules and inspired me. I'm never sure what I'll find.

Too Much Horror Fiction-Going to TMHF Is like going back to my youth. It's glimpse back at those creepy looking books at the check out isle in the grocery store. Books with lurid pictures of horror that eventually pulled me into the words and worlds of King, Barker, Straub and Rice. Worlds that I don't get to visit as much now as I'd like anymore.  

Ramen, Robots and Red Sauce-Is a crazy mix of horror,anime, art and rock 'n' roll. Where else can you go for epic pics of Devil Man figures, post on Guns N' Roses songs, Danzig bootlegs and The Demons films. I don't know about you, but for me that's awesome.

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