Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day Posters: Death Race 2000

One by one an A to Z trip through my dvd collection

100 Rifles (1969)

Lyledecker (Jim Brown) a lawman from Phoenix looking for Joe Herrera (Burt Reynolds) in Mexico to take him back to for bank robbery. While hunting for Joe, Lyledecker get caught in the middle of a bloody war between General Versugo (Fernando Lamas) and the Yaqui Indians. The Indians are being led by Sarita (Raquel Welch). Joe it turns out stole the money so the Yaqui Indians could buy the 100 rifles of the title and have a fighting chance against Versugo's forces. Helping the General are Steven Grimes (Dan O'Herlihy) who runs the railroad Versugo is using to transport his troops. And Lt. Von Klemme (Eric Braeden) a German military adviser. Though he doesn't care anything about their revolution, Lyledecker ends up helping Joe and Sarita. The film climaxes with a train crash and an all-out assault on The General's forces.

A fairly typical American Spaghetti Western knock-off. It's made memorable by a very sexy Raquel Welch. Plus there's Burt Reynolds being Burt Reynolds. Jim Brown as the lawman after Burt does a good job of holding his own in his scenes with Reynolds and Welch. The incredible Soledad Miranda shows up briefly and wearing next to nothing as Burt's bedmate. Dan O'Herlihy's character is mainly there for comic relief and doesn't get much to do, but he's enjoyable in the part.

The action set pieces are good but nothing spectacular. But something that is spectacular is Raquel Welch's train stopping water-tower shower scene. The score by Jerry Goldsmith is solid and at times reminded me of his Planet of the Apes score.

100 Rifles is a fun but inconsequential time killer.

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One by one an A to Z trip through my dvd collection

So many DVDs. Sometimes I want to watch something but just can't decide what. So with some inspiration from Dan I have a solution to that. Starting with numerically titled films and then going alphabetically I'll pick a film and watch it. With that I present the first film.

10 (1979)

This was my first time actually seeing the whole film. I recall little bits of it from when my parents watched it on cable back in the early '80's. It was one of those films that I sort of knew about but really wasn't allowed to see it. What with all the nudity and sex going on in the film. It was also one of those movies that didn't play on cable TV till it was my bedtime. Now years later I came across the DVD used. I thought why not give it a shot. I always liked Dudley Moore after seeing the Arthur films. Plus it's got Flash Gorden himself Sam Jones and Don Calfa from Return of The Living Dead in it.

I found 10 for the most part to be a lot of fun. Moore carries the film as George Webber. George's decent into mid-life crisis or as the film calls it "male menopause" is fun. Moore gets to engage in some amusing slapstick bits. He also brings a bit of the drunken Arthur to the role of George Webber. There's quite a few scenes of a sloshed George in the film. Getting older it's easy to root for him. Moore, after all, is a lovable character and we want to see his character find what he's looking for.

The supporting cast does a fine job. Bo Derek, while not my cup of tea does a good job here as an 11 out of 10 and the object of Moore's lust. Julie Andrews as Moore's girlfriend is good, but her character is written as too much of a shrew. Dee Wallace has a small but memorable role as a woman unlucky in the bedroom. Brian Dennehy also turns in a good performance as a wise (Aren't they all) bartender.

The movie is a bit dated now but there's enough knowing charm to make one overlook the films flaws.

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Hump Day Posters: The Thing

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The Devil and Ding-Dong

Over at Cinema Somnambulist, Richard of Doomed Moviethon is having a cool month long Invasion of eastern horror. Check out my review of the crazy pukeathon called The Devil. It features a kid named Ding-Dong.


Indrid 13 wants me to let you guys know about...

***Media Alert***

2010 MIX'

Song Showcases New Lead Singer Jesse Forte; Currently Available on Band's
YouTube Site

WHO: Vains of Jenna

WHAT: World premiere of "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
2010 Mix" Video

WHERE: Vains of Jenna YouTube Site:

Direct Link:


With a new lead singer and a fresh 'take on the world' spirit
in tow, Los Angeles rockers (via Sweden), Vains of Jenna, are
proud to announce the release of their latest video "Everybody
Loves You When You're Dead 2010 Mix". The song, which was
originally released on 2009's "The Art of Telling Lies"
features new frontman Jesse Forte is currently available on
the band's YouTube site. The video, co-directed by Eric
Sernot along with band bassist and co-founder JP White, was
shot in Sweden between tour dates during VoJ's European Tour,
which led them from Italy, Czech Republic, France, Denmark,
Germany, The UK and back to their former homeland of Sweden.
Additionally, as of September 1st, 2010 a new 5 song EP (on
RLS/Raw Noize Records) has been released on iTunes with the
official hard copy release available September 14, 2010. VoJ
will return stateside for a Fall US Tour beginning October
2nd, 2010 at the infamous "Whiskey-A-Go-Go" in Hollywood, CA
and will be playing shows in Argentina and Brazil in late
October 2010 for the first time ever. In 2011 the band will
release special edition covers release (through
Deadline-Cleopatra Records) followed by another full-length
release of brand new original music and a coast-to-coast tour.

About Vains of Jenna:

Vains of Jenna formed in 2005 in Falkenberg, Sweden and has performed over
500 shows in 2 dozen countries worldwide since. Originally signed by Bam
Margera (of MTV's Jackass & Viva La Bam fame) to Filthy Note Records in
2006, the band has remained close to their brother in insanity with
appearances on "Bam's Unholy Union", "Jackass 24", Bam's "Viva La Bands
Tour" as well as future placement in Bam's new Spike TV show "Bam's World
Domination". VoJ have also logged miles in support of the Poison/Ratt
Tour in 2007 and shared the stage over the years with Wednesday 13
(Murderdolls), Cradle of Filth, Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks), Dizzy Reed
(Guns N' Roses), GWAR and Ducati All Stars (Mark McGrath, Steve Jones,
Jason Bonham). With a 40 date Spring/Summer tour in 2010 under their belts
that spanned across 12 countries in Europe, the band has released a 5 song
EP in September, 2010 (on RLS/Raw Noize Records), will release a covers
album slated for 2011 (on Deadline-Cleopatra Records) and an all original
full-length release later in 2011. The band's line-up consists of Swedes
Nicki Kin (lead guitar), Anton Sevholt (guitars), JP White (bass), Jacki
Stone (drums) and new lead singer / Orange County, CA native Jesse Forte.

Vains of Jenna are proudly endorsed by:

Carvin Amps, Guitars and Basses, Rockett Drum Works, Zildjian, DW, Monster
Energy, Draven Shoes, Heroes Clothing, Vestal, Rotosound, X-Cel, Against,
Aquarian Drum Heads, Cla$ick & Metal Sludge.

For sights and sounds log onto:


Sunday, September 12, 2010

R.I.P. Kevin McCarthy (1914-2010)

Just the other night I watched Piranha and got thinking about all Kevin McCarthy's great performances. In particular his work with Joe Dante. He was one of those actors that gave it his all no matter the role or size of the film.

The Crestwood House Monster Series

Damn I loved these as a kid. They were my introduction to many of the classic monsters. I'd dream of seeing these films after reading the books. For many a year it was the only way I could experience many of these films. Some of them I'd never get to see until the days of DVD. If I ever came across any of them I'd buy them with out a second thought.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Investigating Cabin 28: An interview with Josh Hancock

Josh Hancock has taught English for over thirteen years. His documentary Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders (2004), has brought attention to an unsolved quadruple homicide nearly thirty years old. In 2008, he published a companion book of the same name that includes new interviews, rare photographs, and a look into the making of the movie. Josh is currently in post-production of the sequel to the Cabin 28 documentary. Recently I had the pleasure to talk to Josh about Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders, it's creation and it's upcoming sequel.

Can you fill in our readers on your documentary Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders?

Josh: Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders was released on DVD in 2004. It tells the tragic story of an unsolved quadruple murder and kidnapping that occurred in a remote town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The documentary features interviews with the family members of the victims, the local police and FBI agents who worked the case, and the townspeople who feel the harrowing effects of these murders to this day. The film also provides a detailed look into who might have committed the murders, which remain unsolved as I write this.

How did you learn of the Keddie Murders? And what inspired you to make a documentary about them?

Josh: I'm an English teacher in the Bay Area, California, and about ten years ago one of my former students told me the story of the Keddie Murders. I was surprised that not many people outside of Plumas County had heard of the homicides. I wasn't expecting the family members of the victims to agree to both our documentaries, but they did, and within a few months we were shooting Part I. It's one of the most disturbing, bizarre, and mysterious cases I've ever read about, and I just became hooked. Part I took nearly three years to make, simply because there were so many avenues to explore in the story.

While investigating the crimes have you come to any conclusions about the identity of the killer(S)?

Josh: Yes. In Part I, I felt that we made a fairly convincing argument as to who committed the murders. But a lot of our conclusions were drawn from the stories and speculations of others, and we couldn't always confirm that the stories we were being told were true. In Part II we set out to remedy that. Part II offers up its fair dose of speculation and rumor, but ultimately the argument we put forth is grounded in fact. In my mind, there is little doubt who committed the murders.

What difficulties did you encounter whilst making the documentary?

Josh: With Part I, our difficulties were a combination of many factors, including that we had little money. There was an air of secrecy, fear, and hesitation among the people we interviewed in that film, and we had a hard time getting at the truth sometimes. We changed our whole approach with Part II, raising money ourselves and also asking for donations through a website for independent filmmakers. We got a lot of support. We also accessed some of the case files on the crimes so that we could contact people who actually lived in Keddie and Quincy at the time of the murders, which provided us with much stronger interviews. Probably the biggest difficulty was just that these murders happened almost thirty years ago. People move away, their memories fade, and their desire to discuss a murder case this old tended to wane. But the people who were willing to come forward did an amazing job. We couldn't have done it without them.

Is there any connection between the film The Strangers and the Keddie Murders?

Josh: That was a rumor that went viral upon the release of The Strangers. Though some of the circumstances in both stories are similar (remote setting, home invasion, victims being tied and stabbed), the director of that film has never referenced the Keddie Murders directly. Still, that publicity helped us out a lot and drew much attention to the Keddie homicides. The big difference, of course, is that the Keddie Murders really happened; these were four real people who lost their lives violently and tragically, four people for whom justice has never been served.

You're working on part two of the documentary. What does it cover? And when and were can we expect to see it?

Josh: Part II has been a wild ride from start to finish. It provides an overview of Part I before diving headlong into the case in an effort to determine who killed these people. Because my producer, Amanda Glover, and I were privy to much more information than we were in Part I, the sequel makes some startling revelations about the case. You'll hear from psychics who studied the case; walk through the crime scene with one of the original investigators; read excerpts from police reports; hear audio tapes of interviews with the key suspects; we even tracked down two of the original suspects in the case and interviewed them about the reasons that they became suspects in the first place. Part II concludes with a startling confession to the murders, so it's a huge leap from the first film and a huge lead for local law enforcement. The documentary will be available from our website, starting in October of 2010. Part I is currently available from our site.

What features can we expect to see on the DVD?

Josh: It will feature Part II, which has a running time of 105 minutes. Though this hasn't been confirmed yet, it will most likely feature a photo gallery of never-before-seen photographs. We tend not to put any deleted scenes on our DVDs. Those are all available for viewing online, through our website and our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel is

When is the DVD getting released and were will we be able to pick it up?

Josh: See above. :))

What sort of equipment did you use to shoot the documentary?

Josh: We shot both documentaries with a used Canon XL2, some wireless mics, and a shotgun mic from Audio-Technica. We rented a lot of our equipment from ATS Rentals (, who only charge you one day for weekend rentals.

What advice would you give to any up and coming filmmakers reading this interview?

Josh: Do all the things you already know: raise money, make a schedule and stick to it, organize a crew of people you like and can trust. But most of all, don't let anyone stop you from making the film you want.

For more info check out the Cabin 28 Facebook page which is and the deviantART page, which is
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