Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crap I picked up this week

Bug was one of those strange films I remember watching on TV growing up. I haven't seen it in ages. Sometime in the '80's I reckon. Wonder how it holds up.

A few years ago when Zombie's Halloween came out I traded in my DVD'S of these. But This was cheap and I kind of want to watch these again and reassess them.

Nazis, a robot of living metal, a time traveling woman from England's past, Cybermen and Ace blowing shit up. Oh Dr.Who I love you so.

This Slasher/Giallo hybrid looks interesting and crazy.

I can't believe I didn't have this on DVD! I used to watch my VHS copy of this weekly in the '80's.

Nightbeast looks like it's perhaps the "best" movie ever made, I'm really looking forward to watching it.

Speaking of "best" movies ever. Old Syngenor has always been a favorite. Just look at that pic below.

I'm a sucker for this film series. Not really sure why I enjoy them, but I do. Besides the first Children Of The Corn was looking all lonely there on the shelf.

Big fan of Pete Walker's films, especially Frightmare.  


J. Astro said...

Sweet scores! BUG '75 is still an excellent movie, in my opinion - holds up great!! Also, that CHILDREN OF THE CORN 3-pak is surprisingly fun (Part IV is my favorite of the lot). FRIGHT NIGHT is a no-brainer. And Don Dohler's NIGHTBEAST has a lot of heart. I have that same flick on a DVD double feature with a documentary about Dohler, and I love it.

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Thanks. Just watched BUG the other night. Still as weird as I remembered, loved seeing it again. Just found out about the Nightbeast double feature after I picked it up, sounds cool. I'd still consider getting it just for the doc. I loved Nightbeast. Another Dohler film I dig is Blood Massacre. A cool little backwoods horror film.

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