Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breathing fire: A Conversation with Clare

By indrid13

Clare is a true original. Not only does she play in two outrageous bands, she also grows her own insanely hot chili peppers, and finds time to enjoy Hammer horror films. Read on to find out all about Clare’s wild world!

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Clare: My name is Clare and I play guitar in AntiProduct and bass in Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg. I am 6 foot tall, breathe fire and drive a motorbike.

I really love the material you've done with AntiProduct. Tell our readers a little about the band.

Clare: AntiProduct is a kick ass band which plays intense heavy pop that we call metalgum, that is different and special and very cool!!!  Email me at if you want a free mp3 from our new, just released album called PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH which has been getting some awesome reviews…”This is a bright, uplifting poprock album, with enough strong songs to be a winner under any circumstances. Yet the production and arrangements are so intelligent and cunning they transform it into a mini masterpiece” Classic Rock Magazine

I was surprised that when I added you as a friend on Facebook, I was treated to a free MP3 of Surfin' The World. This is a really unique way to get your music out and make immediate impressions. What inspired this? 

Clare: We have decided to put this album out ourselves.  Cut out the middlemen and the bullshit…the music industry is changing and record labels have lost their power.  We probably aren’t selling as many as we would if we had a label behind us, but we are definitely making more money, which we are then able to put into more promotion, and as word of mouth spreads and people share the mp3 cuz it kicks serious ass, we sell more and more albums…and hopefully next year we will get to tour as well…be warned, the live show kicks SERIOUS ASS!!!!

Speaking of interesting marketing, I know you are really promoting your own brand of chilis. Tell our readers about them, and your unique promotional campaign.

Clare: I had some awesomely spicy chili’s I had grown (I love gardening…there is nothing more satisfying than watching things grow!) and they were too spicy to be good for anything, and as I was chatting to people about this on Facebook, they were receptive to the idea of me mailing them one under the condition that they would film themselves eating it.  It has been awesome. Of course I did it myself as well…I cant expect anyone else to do it if I am not willing to do it myself!!!  It is pretty funny…see it at

You are also a member of the legendary Marky Ramone's new band Blitzkrieg. How did you come to be involved in Blitzkrieg?

Clare: Marky Ramone is a legend!  The coolest guy ever.  It is such an honor to play with him…and he is such a fun drummer to play with.  AntiProduct had supported and backed up Marky when he did his spoken word tour a few years ago and we became friends and Alex and I did a few tours with him...nd when he decided to get a real band together, he asked me and Alex and Michale Graves (who was the first singer after Danzig in The Misfits) to join him as The Blitzkrieg.  It kicks ass!!!!

Are there any plans for a CD release from Blitzkrieg? Who knows what the future holds!  

Clare: I hope so…Alex has some awesome tunes ready to go!

What would you say is the most memorable show you have played in your career?

Clare: There have been a load of amazing shows…most recently, Punkspring 2009 in Tokyo with the Blitzkrieg in front of 20,000 crazy Japanese…awesome!!!  With AntiProduct we also played in Japan in front of about 2,000 people but it was a great experience too…I love Japan!  We opened up the main stage at Donnington in the UK for the Ozzfest in front of 43,000 people which was pretty memorable…and we almost started a riot at the Gods of Metal festival in Italy which was a blast!!!

Do you have a defining moment or album that inspired you to become a musician?

Clare: I have played music all my life.  I started playing violin when I was 2 and a half...I was a Suzuki method kid, so music has always been a part of my life.  It made it easier to learn other instruments knowing that practice is the secret!  I can’t imagine what life would be like without music in it.

Because our site deals with horror films as well as punk/metal music, I have to ask, are you a fan of the genre, and if so, what are some of your favorite horror films?

Clare: I love the old Hammer Horrors…they can still be really scary!  I was bought up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and when I was left alone at night, if my mother was out, I used to open all the doors and windows of the house and watch the hammer horror films and scare myself shitless!!!
I love a good gore movie can never have too much gore in a movie!!!

Any final message for our readers?

Clare: Go do yourself a favor and buy the new AntiProduct album PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH here

and, tell all your friends about us too!!!

To learn more about Clare please check out the following sites!

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