Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Russia game plays you

I've been a gamer for most of my life. Growing up with the Atari, ColecoVision and later the Nintendo. I'm a little behind the times though. I don't own any of the next gen systems. I'm still having too much fun on the PS2 and Gamecube. Case in point. From Russia With Love on the PS2.

I'm a big 007 fan, so it's cool having Sir Sean Connery back as Bond. His voice is a bit different due to age, but it's still really sweet hearing him do 007 another time. The rest of the voice acting is fine. Nothing really terrible. The re-creation of the movie score is decent enough as well. The graphics of Connery's Bond are spot-on. They capture everything from his stance holding a pistol to the smirk on his face with impressive results. The game desgin catches that 60's Bond style perfectly, from the gadgets to the clothes.

The game is a bit short. The levels won't take you long to beat. There's an upgrade system for your weapons and gadgets that adds some depth. There's also a wealth of stuff to unlock. Bonus clips, like a making of features, Meet the Bond Girls and level art. There's also a few hidden levels that can be unlocked. These consist of various timed missions, like diffuse five bombs within a certain time limit.

I still get amazed by games within the last twenty or so years. How far they've come as far as story telling and just how deep they can be. Back when I was playing the Atari, it took a certain degree of imagination when playing the games "get" into them. Now it's like stepping into a fully formed world every time you play.

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