Monday, March 22, 2010

Some random weekend viewings

Another weekend come and gone. What did I do? What I do almost every weekend. Watch movies. And now just for fun, here's what was viewed.

"My Grandad used to tell me when I was a lad that the dead like to be left alone. They're not very hospitable."

Friday night brought Lucio Fulci's The Black Cat (1981). First time I'd ever seen it. I've read that both Fulci and star David Warbeck were none to fond of this film. Supposedly Fulci made it as a favor to the producer. By no means terrible, it is somewhat lacking in gore and Fulci's usual visual flair. Though the foggy streets and cemetery looked beautiful. This is a more restrained piece compared to say The Beyond or City of the Living Dead. There was none of his infamous eyeball ripping. But there was sure as hell an over abundance of eye close-ups. The film was lacking in Catriona MacColl, who would have been a better female lead then Mimsy Farmer and had better chemistry with Warbeck. Farmer is okay, but she never seems to click with the material. But there's a few things this cat does right. The prowling cat opening credits sequence by Sergio Salvati is a visual treat. Pino Donaggio's score is another plus. Fulci victim du jour Daniela Doria shows up and does what she does best, gets killed. Not bad. If you don't go in expecting The Beyond you shouldn't be disappointed.

"Way to ruin Christmas. Asshole."

Saturday, I decided to wade through some of the newer junk I had laying around, that meant it was time for P2 (2007). A film I've been putting off for sometime. Boy did this sucker drag on for the first half of the film. Wes Bentley's psycho irritated me for the most of the film. Angela (Rachel Nichols) came across as too cold at the beginning of the film. But once she was on the run and fighting back, her character became more sympathetic. There was a couple surprisingly graphic gore effects. Effective, but nothing special.

"Just because you're Tom's new bunk buddy doesn't mean you have to be his bitch."

Cry_Wolf (2005). Another flick I'd been none to eager to watch for sometime. I'd read that it was like April Fool's Day with...Jon Bon Jovi! Anyway, for some strange reason I decided to give it a try. More entertaining then I was expecting. Completely bloodless, even though the DVD is unrated! It tries for a more clever, suspenseful approach to the story, which it succeeds at for the most part. But I could have gone for more of The Wolf and a more straight up slasher story. Kudos for trying something a little different though.

"For future reference, Kimmy, next time we're being stalked by a serial killer do not go in the basement."

Sunday and some skiing on the slopes. Well in the movie anyway. Shredder (2003) a horror comedy...groan. Wait! Color me shocked. Shredder was a heck of a lot of fun for the most part. Sort of Hot Dog... The Movie (1984) meets Iced (1988). For a post-Scream slasher flick it's not all that bad. And surprisingly I'm not the only one who digs it, check out the review at Hysteria Lives.

"You're not taking this very seriously."
"On the contrary, I take this a lot more seriously than someone who thinks a drug-addled pop star reject is just the guy to follow down the fucking elevator shaft."

Germany's answer to Saw. Steel Trap (2007) is definitely trying to cash in on Jigsaw's bloody franchise. But instead of old Jig we get a killer in a silver mask and Micheal Myers coveralls. The characters if you can call them that, well...This quote from IMDB sums them up nicely. "So unlikeable, its hard to even root for them to die..." The "twist" ending will make you want to hit your TV. If it wasn't for the terrible dubbing job and all that entails it would be a total waste.

Well there you have it. A mixed bag of weekend horrors.

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