Saturday, March 6, 2010

The killer must kill

This weekend I'm in the mood for another round of black gloved maniacs, crazy 70's fashions and red herrings. Last May I held my first giallo marathon. Now the time has come for a second helping of J&B and giallo madness.


Nigel M said...

sundays tend to be my giallo day- watch a couple in the morning after a nice lie in and cooked breakfast.

Tomorrow got eyeball- started watching that tonight but was getting tired, james at 42nd street blog as put the idea into my head to watch the bloodstained shadow and I was wondering what I could watch as a third- the title of this post has decided for me so its gonna be the killer must kill again as the third film of day.

T.L Bugg said...

There's always room for giallo!

This caught my eye because I jsut finished watching the Killer Must Kill Again for review on Monday. Cozzi must be catching like some kind of Contamination.

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