Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Smackdown

Growing up in the '80's there used to be a plethora of '70's made for television horror films in heavy rotation on every weekend.Many of these where downright creepy. For me two of the creepiest where The Night Stalker and Salem's Lot. This was in large part due to the two film's vampire antagonists. Mr. Barlow and Janos Skorzeny. Both have traveled the world killing for a long ass time. Both enjoy blood (of course), run down hiding places and throwing people around like rag dolls.. So, let's see what happens when these two creepy ass bloodsuckers throw down.


Last week's winner

I thought this would have been a closer battle. Oliver Reed's Werewolf won in a fairly one sided battle. I really thought Chris Lee's Monster would get more votes then he did.

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