Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Smackdown

This week's battle may be the biggest one ever to be featured here. It's truly one for the ages. A balls to the wall, no holds barred fight to the finish. Both fighters are lean mean horror machines. They are responsible for two of cinemas prolific killers. This battle could be too intense for some viewers, so precede with caution.

Let's meet our combatants.

The corpse of  Mrs. Norma Bates was last seen hanging out in the basement of her house. Her son Norman hid her down there from prying eyes. In life She was quite cruel to her son Norman, raising him to believe that all women save for her where evil. When Norman is a teenager, she mother meets a man named Joe, whom she begins dating, and plans to marry. He convinces Norma to open a motel. Norman grows insanely jealous of them, believing that she has abandoned him for her boyfriend, and poisons them with strychnine, making it look like a suicide.

The corpse (head anyway) of Pamela Sue Voorhees was last reported to be seen in a shack inhabited by her son Jason. Because of his deformity, Pamela never sent Jason to school, and was extremely overprotective of him. After Jason drowns at Camp Crystal Lake Pamela began hearing voices telling her to kill. A year after his death she kills two counselors. After the camp is closed she sabotages any attempts to reopen it. It was on one of these attempts that Voorhees was beheaded by one of the camp counselors she's tried to murder.

Let the epic battle of the corpses commence!


Last week's winner was Mr. Barlow who put a stake in Janos Skorzeny. Eight votes to one.

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