Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Top Ten:Top ten Worst movie lines

10-Village idiot and the two runners up-Death Stalker 2

9-Christ you dirty beast! That's why our water gets... POLLUTED!-Rats: Night of Terror

8-It's your favourite dish!-Ninja Terminator

7-Naughty This!!!-Silent Night Deadly Night 2

6-Oh my God!!!-Troll 2

5-Well what kinda beer do ya have?-Video Demons Do Psychotown

4-Cat eating-Shark attack 3: Megalodon

3-Your stupid minds, Stupid! Stupid!-Plan 9 From Outter Space


1-GARBAGE DAY!!!-Silent Night Deadly Night 2


Samuel Wilson said...

Two out of ten entries must mean that Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is something special. It looks it. But I have to rely on my memory for a line that scarred me the first time I heard it. It's from the movie Doomsday Machine, and I believe it's Bobby Van saying, "Who thought those chopstick jockeys could come up with a planet buster?" I'll appreciate a correction, but you get the idea.

Mykal said...

Great post. My favorite? I really think I want to see Ninja Terminator. did she say "drunken crab?" And that knife throw that somehow pierced the top of the crab shell was great.

Also, the girl screaming "Bastard!!" at glass-shattering decibels, so hoping for an oscar nomination, was pretty good, too. -- Mykal

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Thanks guys. Your right about Doomsday Machine I watched that couple months ago. Crazy movie with scenes added from another film. And she did say drunken crab. That must be a great dish.

I Like Horror Movies said...

excellent selections, for mainstream films I always hated Dutch's welcome to Dillon in Predator, very out of place for Arnold despite the amazing hand shake o' doom

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